Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 4 & 5

Day 4
I ate a lot yesterday, BUT it was all healthy. I ate a whole bag of brocolli, two chicken breast sandwiches lots of fruit... I was stressed yesterday, so I ate more than usual.
the big

The wonderful thing about yesterday is that I worked out, and usually I dont work out on Tuesdays, so that was a breakthrough.

Day 5
I cooked againg today--hamburger. While I was waiting for my hamburger to cook, I ate a pack of oatmeal and an apple. This helped alot with controlling my hunger
Right now I would like something sweet, but I dont have anything that's healthy that I could eat. I think I could make some oatmeal cookies (next week. That would be a healthy snack.

I just have to work out today. That will be a little challenge, but I am up for it. It means so much.

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