Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 3

So far, so good and don't expect anything to change. I am not desparately wanting to eat something fattening. I always thought it was day 3 that I cracked when I was dieting, maybe it was day four because today, I am not stressed.

I ate OATMEAL for breakfast and for lunch I only had a Kellog Meal Bar and an orange (not because I was trying to cut back, but because I didn't have time to eat the Healthy choice pasta that I bought.)

I actually cooked dinner. I had two chicken breast sandwiches and brocolli. I also had ALOT of popcorn (the kind you make from the old school pop corn popper) I put the no calorie butter spray on it, so even thought I ate a lot, it wasnt a whole lot of calories.

I feel good about my healthy eating/living. The hardest part will be going to the gym and working out. It is cold outside, but I can do it. The hardest part is really walking out the door, once I get there, Im okay.

Wow! I can't believe I am on day 3. I am almost halfway done.

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