Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 1

I have decided to give up junk food and fried food for a week. I realized that I am pretty much addicted to fried food and junk food. It's like when I start eating it, I don't want to stop.

To look at me, you'd never know it, but I LOVE food and it's sometimes hard for me to resist it. I am 5ft 6 and about 134 lbs; I have an athletic build and little body fat, so most people are suprised to know I weigh that much.

Anyway, I've also decided to try and work out everyday this week. Lately, Ive just been doing about three days a week.

So today was the first day, I feel Okay. I ate oatmeal for breakfast, and a chargrille sandwich and a salad (chick fila) for lunch. I then ate a 12 inch turkey sub from subway and an apple for dinner.

I am proud of myself today because I went to a friend's birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and I just had unsweetened tea with Equal. It felt GREAT to be in control. Usually when I go there, I wolf down a hamburger, fries, and a slice of cheesecake. That has to be about 2200 calories. I usually leave there with a food hangover and a tremendous amount of guilt. Not today! Today I left empowered--wondering if I can do this what else can I do.

At the end of the week, if I exercise everyday, and stick to eating healthy, I know I will feel so proud and confident. It might be life changing. I may als drop a few pounds (or at least one) and that would be great too.

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